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Hoy les traigo una buena cantidad de libros de Teoría Musical. Debido a que practicamente no hay ninguno en español en la web, todos los libros de esta lista están en inglés, sin embargo el catálogo es muy completo, incluso hay libros tan viejos, que unos de ellos es del siglo 19.

La mayoría de los libros están en formato PDF, mientras que otros en HTML (deben ser abiertos con un navegador web comom Firefox, aunque no requiere conexión a internet para abrirlos).

Lista de Libros:

A Generative Theory of Tonal Music
Alan Berklin – A Practical Guide to Musical Composition
Alfred Handy Guide – Music Notation Dictionary
Alfred Handy Guide – Piano Chord Dictionary
Analysing Popular Music – Theory, Method And Practice By Philip Tagg
Arnold Schoenberg – Fundamentals of Musical Composition
Basic Music Theory-How to Read, Write and Understand Written Music (Jonathan Harnum)
Ben Bolt – Mel Bay’s Music Theory For The Rock Guitarist
Berklee College Of Music – Harmony 1
Berklee College Of Music – Harmony 2
Berklee College Of Music – Harmony 3
Berklee College Of Music – Harmony 4
Berklee College Of Music – Harmony Tensions
Bret Willmott – Mel Bay’s Complete Book Of Harmony, Theory & Voicing
Caruso’s method of voice production – the scientific culture of the voice
Dans Music Theory 101 Cheat Sheet
David Temperley – The Cognition of Basic Musical Structures
Elson’s Pocket Music Dictionary
Emil Behnke – The Mechanism Of Human Voice
Emotional effects of music Production rules
Essential Music Theory
Essential Music Theory for Singers
Eyes and Ears – An Anthology of Melodies for Sight-Singing
Frederick J. Crowest – Advice To Singers
Gary Hardegree – Scales in Music
George Thaddeus Jones – Music Theory
George Van Eps – Guitar Mechanisms
Guitar Music Theory – Ear Training Manual for Musicians
Guitarist’s Music Theory Book
Hiroaki Hoshuku – Jazz Theory 1 – 5th Edition
Howard Richman – Super Sight-Reading Secrets
Inside Improvation Series – Jerry Bergonzi – Vol 1 – Melodic Structures
Jamey Aebersold’s – Jazz Ear Training
James Bastien – Piano Basics Theory Primer Level
Josef Hofmann – Piano Playing- With Piano Questions Answered
Miller Puckette – Theory and Techniques of Electronic Music
Millie Ryan – What Every Singer Should Know
Music Theory – Advanced
Music Theory – Basic Level
Music Theory – Blue Notes or Not
Music Theory – Dowland, Duarte and Chromaticism
Music Theory – Finishing the Blues (For Now)
Music Theory – John Dowland’s Chromatic Harmony
Music Theory – Shades of Blue
Music Theory – University Of Oregon
Music Theory and improvising outline
Music Theory For Dummies
Music Theory For Flamenco
Music Theory In Concept and Practice
Music Theory Is Not Nuclear Physics
Music Theory Quick Facts Sheet
Musical Creativity – Multidisciplinary Research in Theory and Practice
Musical Theory and Ancient Cosmology
Musicians Institute – Harmony & Theory
Oxford Dictionary Of Music
Pete Thomas – Composition, Orchestration & Arranging
Piano jazz improvisation harmony theory
Poldi Zeitling and David Goldberger – Understanding music theory
Popular Music – Vol 2 – Theory and Method
Sampling Theory For Digital Audio
Sandy Feldstein – Practical Music Theory Complete
The Art of Voice Production with Special Reference to the Methods of Correct Breathing

The Chord Scale Theory & Jazz Harmony – Nettles And Graf
The Complete Guitar Series – Volume 1: The basic components of making music on the guitar from Rock to Pop to Classical

The Complete Idiot’s Guide – Music Theory
The Elements Of Piano Technique
The Physical Basis of Music and its Implications for Musical Performance
The Red Book – Jazz Theory
The Ultimate Guide To Reading Music
Theodor Adorno – Music, Language, and Composition
Understanding Basic Music Theory
University Musical Encyclopedia The Theory Of Music And Piano Technique



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