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El día de hoy ATLUS sacó el trailer de otro de los personajes de Persona 3: Iori Junpei. (

Lastimosamente este no tiene subtítulos en inglés, pero gracias a Sourenga en tenemos una traducción:

– Sorry for causing nothing but troubles…
– I’m like this, but… Marry me, Chidori!
– Uh… A dream…
– Wait! Where am I!?
– Everything’s great at yours—
– Who are you calling a minor character!? Uwah! Yuka-tan’s pure horror!
– I’m Junpei Iori. Let me take care of this.
—Name Call—
– Are those… Shadows? This actually is the Dark Hour, isn’t it?
– Just a moment, Feather Pink! I’m sure we can resolve this with talking! It’s dangerous to point someone with that thing!
– Well then, it’s time to begin the “Junpei Iori Hour”.
– There. It’s a game over for you. Too bad.